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Retracts/Extends and locks in place   

Bumper Guards
Protect your walls from scratches and dents when raising & lowering the bed
2 Retractable rubber bumpers on each side of the head board
Hides away neatly and out of sight when not in use

Color Coded Control Box

Each motor and control is clearly marked

and color coded for easy maintenance and repair

Extendable Length to 88”

All of our beds come standard with the extendable length feature. For tall patients and general comfort our beds expand from 80” to 88” with our TOOL-LESS design.

Expandable Width from 36" - 42' - 48"

For the bariatric resident or just extra comfort our frames expand and lock in place at 42" and 48".

TOOL-LESS design makes it so easy to expand and retract

Quick Release Head and Foot Boards
It’s quick & easy to install the boards & transfer patients with our TOOL-LESS design

Exclusive Patented Features Unavailable Elsewhere


Steel Mattress Retainers
Our beds come standard with 4 steel mattress retainers that hold the mattress firmly in place and keeps it from slipping and sliding.

Slides on and off and locks securely in place